odontoiatria microscopica


Cutting edge technology coupled with a gentle touch to give you a perfect smile: InLaser has chosen to use the dental microscope and the latest laser technology in order to achieve the best results in the most comfortable way for the patient.

The dental microscope gives a wider, better-lit field of operation. This guarantees a more precise treatment with better protection of the healthy gums, leading to safer, less invasive surgery.


Main benefits

  • Better safety during surgery.
  • Enhanced surgical precision.
  • Improved treatment success rates.

Who it’s for

For anyone who understands the importance of working with care and precision and for those who demand only the best for their health.


How it works

TAll treatments make the most of the dental microscope. The dental microscope offers several advantages, including:

  • Better inspection, diagnosis and treatment of the “sick” parts of the tooth, distinguishing them from the healthy part.
  • More safety when working in the areas that are at risk due to their proximity to delicate parts of the anatomy, thereby avoiding complications.
  • Greater precision and control over the border seal of dental reconstructions, with better aesthetic results.
  • Better chances of success in complex root canal treatments.