Laser Pediatric Dentistry: a user’s guide Laser Pediatric Dentistry: a user’s guide (in english)

Olivi G., Margolis F., Genovese M.D. Quintessence Pub., Chicago, march 2011

ISBN 978-0-86715-494-8 (B4948)
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This comprehensive text, the first to focus on laser applications in pediatric dentistry, reviews the fundamental principles of laser energy and demonstrates the essential therapeutic steps of laser radiation in conservative pediatric dentistry. Detailed explanations of the unique interactions of laser radiation with dental tissues—with a focus on the differences specific to primary and young permanent teeth—help clinicians take advantage of the many inherent benefits of laser energy, such as selective removal of carious tissue, preservation of healthy mineral structure, disinfection of prepared surfaces, excellent hemostasis, and improved patient comfort and compliance. The predictable clinical protocols for hard and soft tissue applications are detailed step by step with explanations on technique and suggested laser parameters, and the outcomes are illustrated in multiple case studies. In addition, the text is rounded out with presentations on innovative therapies involved in laser caries detection, laser irradiation for caries prevention, enamel and dentin laser conditioning, laser radiation for root canal debriding and cleansing, and low-level laser therapy as well as an appendix on laser safety and a glossary of laser terms. This practical guide will inspire pediatric dentists who are new to the laser as well as those experienced in providing laser therapy to adults.



I Laser in Traumatologia Dentale I Laser in Traumatologia Dentale

Caprioglio C., Olivi G., Genovese M.D., Ed.Martina, Bologna, aprile 2010
ISBN 978-88-7572-093-3
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Dental traumatology and laser dentistry are two challenging disciplines in Paediatric Dentistry. Dealing with dental trauma in children will always be difficult because it will never become a routine procedure in daily practice. Dental trauma will always happen unexpectedly, demanding immediate and adequate treatment and a thorough follow-up. Of necessity the latter will mostly deal with healing processes and cosmetic repair. Laser assisted paediatric dentistry is an upcoming discipline though its use in oral soft tissue surgery has been known of, and used, far many years. Furthermore there is evidence that appropriate laser treatment for small cavities and endodontics gives good results in clinical practice. Several experts in paediatric dentistry have stated that for all laser wavelengths there is an application for children. Moreover, children are the future generations who probably will experience dentistry without drilling and with less use of needles. In this book a fantastic combination of the uses of lasers in dental traumatology is described and very well documented. In all aspects of traumatology the availability of laser tools is interesting; from the simple repair of a permanent incisor having a defect as a result of trauma in the deciduous dentition through to vitality check follow-ups and biostimulation of the surrounding intra-oral and extra-oral tissues; from root canal treatment through to bleaching the crown as a result of the discolouration brought about by the trauma. Reading this manuscript, it becomes obvious that all available laser wavelengths find their possible application in the treatment following dental trauma. It is a great honour and pleasure to have written the preface of this new book of my dear colleagues Claudia Caprioglio, Giovanni Olivi and Maria Daniela Genovese. This book is an excellent contribution to gaining not only clinical expertise in the treatment of dental traumatology but also gives an insight into the use of lasers in children. This book should stimulate and motivate researchers in the field of Paediatric Dentistry to set-up more clinical follow-ups using the described techniques. In this way more and more evidence will be available to support the use of lasers in children and especially in dental traumatology.
Prof. Luc C. Martens, DDS, MSC, PHD. Professor and Chairman Department of Paediatric Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry Dental School – Gent – Belgium
Vice President EAPD (European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry).




Author of chapter “Laser in Conservativa: osservazioni al SEM” in Caprioglio C. e Vitale M.C. – Laser in Dentistry;
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