Our main objective at InLaser is to give you a natural, attractive and healthy smile in order to restore the form and function of the teeth and gums. State-of-the-art techniques, digital and computerized diagnoses and expert use of the dental laser and microscope together guarantee a dental treatment that is safe and targeted to your needs.

Careful study and close attention to detail are what make the difference for achieving excellent results and a satisfied patient. The expertise of Dr. Olivi in Aesthetic Denstistry, coupled with his experience in Aesthetic Medicine, ensures that your smile receives only the utmost care and attention.


Main benefits

  • Natural, bright smile
  • Safe, non-invasive treatments
  • Restoration and maintenance of healthy gums
  • More confidence in your smile

Who it is for

For those who want a brighter, more freshness smile and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, in the event of:

  • Discoloured teeth
  • Unsightly fillings, cavities, or fractures
  • Thinning or fatigued tooth enamel caused by aging
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Missing teeth or old dentures
  • Uneven gingival contours and/or gummy smiles


How it works

InLaser offers safe and targeted treatments:

  • Professional tooth whitening using the laser
  • Invisible reconstructions of fractured or decaying teeth
  • Addition of sophisticated porcelain veneers to improve the colours and shape of the front teeth and/or reconstruct tooth enamel that has changed over time
  • Invisible orthodontics to correct misaligned teeth
  • Insertion of implants or porcelain teeth to replace old dentures or missing teeth, without leaving unsightly dark borders
  • Laser treatment to reshape the symmetry of the gingival contours